Marketing Strategy

Being in business has never been more challenging than it is today. Customers and employees are more demanding, competition is fiercer and the world is simply more complex than ever before.

in these tough times we can find ourselves doing more of what we have always done, and wonder why we are getting what we have always gotten.

Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes to re-ignite your marketing or you simply don't have the resource or skills in house to create awe inspiring marketing, we can help.  

Training and Coaching

Our programmes are designed to help demystify marketing taking it back to its' roots. The stuff of relationship, dialogue, connection and mutual exchange. 

Your teams will learn how to build human and enlightened brands; create an engine for customer engagement and develop a customer focused mindset that can build "wow" customer experiences. 

These programmes are infused by findings from Neuroscience and psychology which tap into the emotional, decision making centre of the brain. .

Part-Time Marketing Support

We know that as you grow your resources need to flex. You may not be in the position to hire a full time marketing expert or you may have a marketing department but need extra support from people who know their stuff. 

Imagine if you had access to a world class marketing resource for a fraction of the cost of  hiring a full-time marketing director. What could your business achieve? 

You can engage us as a part-time resource in your business to undertake specific short-term marketing projects or on an ongoing basis for a few days a month to help drive your marketing plans. 

The Provadis Business Development seminar I attended was invaluable in helping to shape and clarify my organisation’s approach over the coming months. I was particularly impressed with the energy and passion of the tutor, who delivered a really informative and inspiring session.
— Andy Walker, Head of Corporate Affairs, Our Life