Create The Right Culture

Values and belief systems that drive people to behave in the right way day to day, combined with a clear sense of purpose and direction are at the heart of high performing cultures. 

Significant research has also demonstrated that raising employee engagement increases productivity and playing to people’s strengths enables employees to draw on intrinsic motivations that drive excellence.  

And environment really matters.  Whilst we like to think of ourselves as autonomous decision makers we are largely influenced by subconscious drivers such as Social Norms (the habits, rituals or behaviours within a community that guide our behaviours).   

We can help you create lasting behaviour change by focusing on the psychological drivers of human behaviour. Work with us to discover purpose that motivates, embed values that live and create an environment that shapes the behaviours you want. 

Build High Performance

Great teams consist of people who can resolve conflict, co-operate, communicate, inspire trust and be self-directing problem solvers.  Whether you have under performers or are looking to propel your people to super-stardom we can help your people develop the habits of top performers. 

Our programmes will help your people learn:

  • The brain secrets to achieving goals
  • How to harness habits and create the daily habit system for peak performance
  • How to nurture grit
  • How to perform in a changing world through agile thinking


Having worked with many consultants over my thirty years senior management experience in the public sector, Tamsin stands out as one of the best, demonstrating great professionalism, energy, confidence, humour and strong values.
— Chairman, Fresh Horizons